Trotec Mobile PAC 2010 E air conditioner up to 65 m3

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Trotec Mobile PAC 2010 E air conditioner up to 65m3.
2010 E E E mobile air conditioner with a maximum cooling capacity of 2.1 kW (7200 BTU) for 26 m2/65 m3 max.

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Trotec Mobile PAC 2010 E air conditioner up to 65m3.
2010 E E E mobile air conditioner with a maximum cooling capacity of 2.1 kW (7200 BTU) for 26 m2/65 m3 max.

Perfect for air conditioning, dehumidifying and ventilating
The 2010 E PAC air conditioner is a miracle of ingenuity. Very compact, it fits easily, for example, in a closet. Its refrigeration power of 2.1 kW max. makes it possible to cool the rooms of 65 m3 max.

In addition to its air conditioning function, the 2010 E CAP has a ventilation and dehumidification function for more well-being in the middle of summer. The heat is removed from the room through a flexible sheath that needs to be passed through a door or window that is left open. This opening can be caulked using an AirLock air conditioner accessory.

Thanks to its wheels, it is easy to change rooms if necessary. Always on the practical side, the cable storage built into the back of the device prevents the wire from dragging on the ground during transport and once stored.

The settings are made on the control panel or using the remote control provided. To store the latter, a slot is built into the top of the air conditioner.

The 2010 E PAC air conditioner is also equipped with a timer, night mode, easy-to-clean air filter and variable-tune air outlet.

Strengths and practical details of the device:
-Mobile one-piece
-3-in-1 air conditioner with cooling, ventilation and dehumidification functions
Energy Class A
- Maximum refrigeration capacity of 2.1 kW
-Removable air filter
-Easy-to-maintain membrane key control panel
-Showing the temperature of your choice in 'C' or 'F'
-Variable-adjusted air output
-Remote control
-3 ventilation speeds and automatic ventilation

Technical features of CAP 2010 E:
Recommended for about 65 m3 max.
Air conditioner type: one-piece local
Maximum air conditioning power: 2.1 kW / 7200 BTU
Maximum airflow: 320 m3/h
Maximum dehumidification capacity: 1 l/h
Power voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Maximum absorbed power: 0.8 kW
Refrigerator: R-290
Amount of refrigerant: 0.16 kg
Sound level at speed 1/2/3 (at a distance of 1 m): 51 dB (A)
NOISE emission according to ISO 3745:2012: 63 dB(A)
Dimensions (L x b x h): 370 x 380 x 770 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Evacuation sheath: length 1.5 m / 142 mm

Mobile air conditioners - comfortable refrigeration machines
But beware: no hose, no cold air!

Don't be fooled by illustrations of mobile climates apparently without a drain pipe - at least one sheath is absolutely necessary, even if it is not visible at first!
What's the reason? Simply:
All professional home air conditioners operate at the base by compression and relaxation of a calorigenic fluid, on the same principle as the refrigerator. Compression generates heat, while relaxation produces cold, it is irrevocable. The cold provided is desired, but not the heat that must be driven outwards by a sheath.

The heat from the split air conditioners is outside because it is directly carried into the condenser (external unit). However, a split air conditioner also requires a connection sheath with the outer unit for the round-trip tubes that ensure the circulation of refrigerant.
A single-block air conditioner, whose heat is in the unit, must evacuate it outwards to prevent it from entering the room to be air-conditioned. A drain hose is provided systematically for every single-block mobile air conditioner sold on the market, even if it is not visible in each illustration.

Technical features:
Cooling capacity
max. [kW]: 2.1
max. [Btu/h]: 7,200
Recommended space size
m3: 65
sq m: 26
Maximum speed [m3/h]: 320
Ventilation speeds: 3
radial: Standard equipment
Dehumidification capacity
max. [l/h]: 1
Room temperature that can be obtained (min.)
depending on the conditions of use[ 'C]: 16
Cooling fluid
Cooling fluid: Air
Environmental conditions
Min. temperature range: 16
Maximum temperature range: 35
Electrical values
Network connection: 230 V/50 Hz
Absorbed power [kW]: 0.9
Absorbed nominal current [A]: 4.3
Recommended Fuse [A]: 10
Power supply
Contact sheet: CEE 7/7
Length of cable [m]: 1.7
Minimum space size [m2]: 8
Type of refrigerant: R290
Amount of refrigerant [g]: 160
GWP factor: 3
CO2 equivalent: 0.00048 t
aspiration side pressure [MPa]: 1.5
exit side pressure [MPa]: 3
Acoustic values
Sound emission [dB(A)] according to ISO 3745:2012: 63 dB(A)
Speed 1 - Gap 1 m [dB(A)]: 51
Evacuation hose
Total length [m]: 1.5m
Diameter [mm]: 142
Length (without packaging) [mm]: 370
Length in inches (without packaging): 14.56"
Width (without packaging) [mm]: 300
Width in inches (without packaging): 11.81"
Height (without packaging) [mm]: 770
Height in inches (without packaging): 30.31"
(without packaging) [kg]: 24.5
Guarantee: 2 years
Several choices and versions available on request.

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