Wood insert Ferlux Panoramic 90 glass 18 kW

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Wood insert Ferlux Panoramic 90 with glass 18 kW.
The Panoramic 18 kW Ferlux wood insert with 1 glass door fits perfectly into any interior and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere up to 377m3.
Yield: 77.9% EcoDesign 2022.

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Wood insert Ferlux Panoramic 90 with glass 18 kW.
The Panoramic 18 kW Ferlux wood insert with the glass façade integrates perfectly with any interior and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere up to 377m3.
Yield: 77.9% EcoDesign 2022.
Rated heat output: 14.6kW - Maximum heat output: 18.7kW - Efficiency: 77.9%
- Maximum recommended heating volume: 377 m3 – Logs 50cm
- Hinged door insert
- Forced and silent ventilation by two tangential turbines, with switch and safety thermostat
- Clean glass system. An airflow removes particles stuck to the glass, providing a view of the fire.
- Black four-sided finishing frame
- 1 Glazed façade.

The Ferlux Panoramic 90 wood insert of 18 kW with the glass façade Integrates perfectly with all interiors and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere up to 377m3.
Efficiency: 77.9% EcoDesign 2022 provides excellent performance while saving energy in your home. Its panoramic and modern style fits perfectly into any interior and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It perfectly heats large rooms up to 377m3.
Yield: 77.9%
EcoDesign 2022
Ideal for heating a room up to 150m².
Rapid rise in temperature, you will not wait long to warm up
Double combustion improves the efficiency of the stove thanks to two air inlets that allow better burning of wood
Allows a heat energy efficiency of 77.9% while reducing emissions of carbon monoxides, pollutants in smoke concentrations and fine particles.

The clean glass system prevents soot from appearing on the glass during combustion so you spend less time cleaning your stove.
Suitable for logs of 50 cm max
The Panoramic 90 Ferlux wood insert is made of carbon steel with a vermiculite combustion chamber.
The Panoramic 90 Ferlux wood insert is equipped with the ECODESIGN 2022 characteristic, synonymous with high performance and respect for the environment.
The Panoramic 90 Ferlux wood insert achieves the thermal comfort that can be used in the main room by natural convection of the heated air thanks to the combustion of wood.
To control combustion, duration and heat input, the Insert has a regulator that acts on the air flow and in addition a second regulator that modifies the secondary air flow, with the clean glass system.

To heat different rooms and achieve an adequate level of comfort, the Ferlux Panoramic 90 Insert has different grids that allow air circulation, both by natural convection and by forced convection by the integrated turbines with safety thermostat and switch. They also have two output channels (120mm) to install additional hot air points in the same room or adjacent.
To control the combustion duration and heat input the device has a handle that acts on the air flow for combustion and a second regulator that modifies the air flow of the glass that constitutes the clean glass system.

Learn more:
Primary air: It is located at the bottom of the device. Our equipment allows you to adjust this air intake, depending on whether you want more or less flame, reducing log consumption to obtain a more efficient combustion

Secondary air: It is on top of the teams. It is preheated air that is introduced into the combustion chamber that promotes glass cleaning, reduces emissions to the environment and increases equipment performance.

Clean Glass: At the level of the internal part of the glass, an air curtain prevents the fumes of the combustion from coming into contact with the glass, which allows to see the flame for a long time and better combustion. We also help reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Double Combustion: It is done by means of an injection of air preheated to a certain height, reacting with the unburned gases that are released from combustion. This allows for higher performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions to the environment.

Printed glass: The appliances that incorporate it feature a more elegant and sophisticated design, ensuring that the door is not just a technical element, but also a decorative element, screen-printed crystal.

White Vermiculite: The white color allows an attractive view of the flame. The devices that integrate it have the combustion chamber entirely covered with this material which is resistant to high temperatures and prolonged contact with the flame. Being a highly refractory material, it guarantees complete combustion, reducing emissions into the atmosphere thanks to the high temperatures that the combustion chamber reaches.

Turbine: To the natural convection heating capacity of all our equipment, we must add the effect of pulse turbines that some of them have. Especially indicated if you need a hot air duct improving comfort in adjoining rooms.

Potentiometer:It allows to activate or deactivate the air system of the turbine integrated in the device, providing the user with the setting of the desired amount of air.

Canalization: System that allows hot air to be brought through ducts to other rooms by means of very quiet turbines. This ensures greater comfort and lower fuel consumption.

Waterproof equipment: Sealed equipment does not consume the air of the room in which it is installed. Not saturating the atmosphere and not reducing the amount of oxygen in this room, it allows for greater comfort.

Outdoor air: Equipment that has an outside air intake allows the chimney to work more efficiently, since cold air with a higher concentration of oxygen and nitrogen is used for combustion. This reduces firewood consumption.

Specifications :
EcoDesign 2022
Wood insert Panoramic 90 Ferlux
Rated power: 14.5 KW
Energy efficiency: 77.9%
Maximum power: 18.8 KW
Regulation: MANUAL
Double combustion system
Easy regulation of primary air
CO emissions (13%): 0.120%
CO particles: 29.8mg/Nm3
OGC: 38.1mg/Nm3
NDx: 101.6mg/Nm3
Smoke temperature: 199.1°C
Average circulation: 10-14 Pa
Consumption: 3.88kg/h
Log size: 50cm
Color: BLACK
Carbon steel
Refractory brick - Vermiculite
Clean glass system
Heating volume: 377 m3
Height: 590mm
Width: 906mm
Depth: 499mm
Interior depth: 293x301x798 mm
Front window dimension: 891x491x4mm
Ashtray with removable drawer
Easy regulation of primary air
Loading: Front
Flue gas outlet diameter: 200 mm
Additional air outlet to channel hot air to other rooms: 2 x 120mm
Flue gas connection: Top
Power supply 220-230v
Frequency 50-60Hz
Average power consumption: 62W.
Weight: 151 kg
Standards: CE, EN 13229
Green flame / Ecodesign 2022 / Eligible tax credit
Ferkux warranty: 5 years

FERLUX: Ferlux is characterized by innovation, product research and distribution in more than 20 countries.
For more than 28 years, we have been dedicated to the manufacture of heating appliances, starting with a range of wood-burning fireplaces and barbecues to the most advanced, technologically high and avant-garde products.
Certified with CE marking and complies with the strictest emission regulations.

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